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Oil Save Score

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Ever have that nagging feeling that your home could be more energy efficient? It usually happens when you’re watching TV, sitting near a window and that icy cold draft swirls by your head. This system solves that problem!

With the O.S.S. system, we’ll take a full inventory of your home’s energy efficiency. During the process, we’ll evaluate the many factors that directly and indirectly contribute to your home’s energy efficiency.

Only read on if safety and cost are important to you …

Things to think about – questions to ask yourself:

Operation Costs:

How much does my present heating system really cost to operate?

Am I allowing money to flow out of my windows, attic, doors or even walls?

Is my furnace inefficient? (causing $ to go up the chimney!) *newer furnaces can offer an average efficiency of around 85% or higher!


Are there any hidden dangers in my home?

Is my home as healthy an environment for my family as it could be?

Am I protected by a service plan that will offer me peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

Oil Save Score Service Area

Our Oil Save Score™ Energy Savings Audits service most of Southern, NH. If you’re ready to start saving, just get started here!