Putnam Fuel of Goffstown, NH has a long and storied history as a purveyor of both consumer goods and fuel. The company is currently in its 9th decade as a family-owned and operated business, dating back to the mid-1930’s. Though known as “Putnam Fuel” today, the business was not always centered around fuel delivery. Father and son team John and Lawrence Putnam began “Putnam & Son” in the 1930’s as a hardware store that offered goods from paint to lumber to coal…any item that was in demand at the time.

Up for a new challenge, Lawrence made the decision to expand by entering into the fuel and oil business; he purchased his first fleet of fuel delivery trucks in 1957.

With a desire to take part in the family business, son-in-law William “Bill” Miles joined the Putnam team as an oil truck driver in October of 1967. Family members continued to join the operation, as Lawrence’s daughter, Cynthia, came on board in January of 1969.

As Putnam grew over the decades, the business continued to be run by Lawrence (or, “Put”, as he was affectionately known by his friends and family) and his wife Elizabeth. “Put” passed away unexpectedly in 1978, leaving the business to be run by Bill, Cynthia and Elizabeth. In 1983, Elizabeth retired and Putnam Fuel was purchased outright by Cynthia and Bill Miles.

A new millennium saw the bringing in of a new generation to take the helm. In 2000, Bill and Cynthia Miles sold Putnam Fuel to their children, John Miles and Betty Martel. Cynthia continued to work in the business until her passing in 2011, and Bill retired in 2014.

Since the changing of the guard in 2000, the services provided by Putnam Fuel have continued to expand. In addition to fuel delivery, Putnam now offers air conditioning services as well as energy auditing to their offerings.

Putnam continues to evolve over time and has grown to be not just an oil company, but a company that provides more energy for family moments. They offer all of the services needed to keep homes comfortable, safe and efficient throughout the year. With their Fuel Oil automatic delivery program, new Energy Savings System (the Oil Save ScoreTM program), budget protection program, maintenance and services plan and more, Putnam has just the right systems in place to ensure that there’s more time available for creating family moments!

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