What are the benefits of enrolling in automatic deliveries?

Automatic delivery is a win-win for both us and you. It allows us to schedule your delivery when we are closest to your neighborhood and do as many deliveries as possible when in the same area allowing us to be more efficient and keep our costs down. For you the client, automatic delivery provides the peace of mind knowing we are keeping track of your usage based on the weather and we will make sure your tank is filled before it gets too low. We also take into consideration driveway conditions and weather so we can make deliveries to those of you with steeper driveways before that big winter storm.

What does an annual tune up consist of?

An annual tune up of your heating system will generally consist of the replacement of the systems fuel filters and nozzle. We will also access your heat exchanger and remove any accumulated combustion byproducts. We will also perform a thorough inspection of your venting system, making sure to remove any combustion by products that have accumulated there, as well. We will perform a combustion efficiency test using precision instrumentation to ensure that your heating system is performing at peak levels. Finally, we will make note of any areas of concern and implement a course of action to address these items.

Why do you charge extra for a same day delivery?

During the coldest months of the year our delivery fleet operates at its peak efficiency with our drivers working 8 or more hours per day. Their routes and deliveries are scheduled from the prior day and any additional deliveries mean that someone else's delivery needs to be rescheduled to another day or the added deliveries lead to overtime and added cost. If you call during regular business hours M-F, your delivery will be fit it into the planned work for the next work day without incurring additional costs and it allows us to keep offering our products at the most reasonable prices for our clients.

How often should I have my heating or A/C system tuned up?

We recommend tune ups be performed on an annual basis to ensure proper operation and trouble free service throughout the year.

How does a tune up help maintain peak efficiency?

Oil burners produce combustion by products that accumulate in the heat exchanger and combustion chamber of heating systems. These by products will act as an insulator as they accumulate and reduce the amount of heat that is being transferred from the flame to your home. By performing a thorough tune up, we remove the byproducts and reduce the insulating effect. This allows the homeowner to get the most value out of the fuel that they have purchased.

What components are replaced when a new system is installed?

We take pride in our installations and replace as many of the integral system components as needed. By replacing these key components we can insure that we are providing the utmost quality and reliability for your investment.

How long is a new installation covered under warranty?

Our personal guarantee to our clients is that your system will be trouble free for 1 year from the date of installation. All of the heating systems we offer carry manufacturer backed limited lifetime warranties.

What is the difference between Kerosene and fuel oil?

Kerosene and fuel oil are both refined from the same barrel of crude oil but chemically they are different because they come from different steps in the refining process. These differences give both products an advantage depending on the application. Kerosene is recommended in outside tanks that are exposed to cold temperatures because of its better cold-flow properties. Heating oil is the better choice when the tank is in a basement or heated space where the temperature isn't an issue because it has a btu advantage over kerosene.

Why does my outside tank need an additive?

As the temperatures dip below 32F heating oil begins to "gel" or thicken. If the tank is exposed to even colder temperatures, wax or paraffin in the fuel crystallizes and can begin to clog fuel filters or lines. Adding a temperature "depressant" lowers the temperature at which this occurs and allows your fuel to keep flowing to your heating unit and keep you warm.

Why do you have minimum deliveries?

Our minimum delivery is set as a balance between price sensitivity and driver efficiency and safety. We understand how the cost of a fuel delivery can impact the household budget so we set our minimum to the lowest possible while still allowing our drivers and trucks to operate safely. A better way to spread the cost of fuel deliveries is to get on a budget plan and we can spread the heating costs over the whole year rather than into a few cold months in the winter.

How can I receive the lowest daily price while on the Budget or Pre-buy Contract?

The "Capped" Protection Plan is a great add-on when signing up for the Fixed Budget or Pre-buy Protection Plan. For a nominal fee you will receive protection on your Budget or Pre-buy Contract that Guarantees you still get the discounts if prices fall.

Why must I pay cancellation fees to get out of my Budget or Pre-buy contract?

During the summer months Putnam Fuel Co. secures payment and storage with the vendors for Budget and Pre-buy gallons. This rate is used to create our Pre-buy and Budget pricing for the upcoming contract season. Unfortunately, when clients cancel their contracts, vendor penalty fees are accrued, which are charged to the clients at time of contract termination.