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Name: The Inefficiency Monster

Crime: The Inefficiency Monster is stealing money out of homeowners pockets by exploiting gaps and cracks in the building envelope, bleeding away the conditioned air (warm or cold) and causing the heating/cooling unit to work harder and use more energy ($) to get the job done.

Prevent an Attack: The best way to stop the Inefficiency Monster is to have your heating and cooling equipment tuned on a yearly basis. In addition, sealing cracks and gaps around windows, doors, and foundations, along with adding the PROPER amount of insulation in the PROPER places will help drive this monster from your home.

Name: The Unhealthy Monster

Crime: The UnHealthy Monster often affects our families in unseen ways. Carbon monoxide, allergens, mold, and even the “off-gassing” of products in our homes can make the air we breathe unhealthy.

Prevent an Attack: To combat this monster you need to do more than just keep your heating and cooling equipment operating properly and efficiently, you also need to look at the entire building envelope and construction to identify if any of these Unhealthy conditions exist. Carbon monoxide monitors and many different types of air filtration are available to keep the air we breathe as clean as possible.

Crime: The UnSafe Monster pops up a lot of places where we find the UnHealthy Monster. UnHealthy = UnSafe. A home could have water infiltration that causes mold. Incorrectly installed insulation may cause ice damming or other structural damage. All of these problems cause homes that are potentially dangerous to inhabit.

Prevent an Attack: The UnSafe Monster also wears away at your heating and cooling system over time so it is always a good idea to regularly check for leaks and corrosion from the oil and gas lines, as well as the exhaust gas flue.